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Branding in the Moscow metro

We provide services of advertisement in the Moscow metro, including all types of branding. We know the most effective options for any campaigns, any goods and services. Our staff will find the best way to reach you target audience.


Branding is the most vivid, spectacular and memorable advertisement. It has the maximum impression on passengers due to the scale of impact in a confined space underground. The effect of emotional immersion does not allow the consumer to "leave the game". Any promotional offer, that uses the method of branding will long remain in the memory of viewer and will work on advertisers for a long time.

Advertisement placing tn the metro is recommended for large-scale advertising campaigns of consumer goods, shopping centers, jewelry, beauty salons, restaurants, fitness centers, children's institutions, as well as to promote the banking and insurance services.

info This price list is valid from November 1, 2022.
All prices are inclusive of VAT (20%)

Options of branding in the metro