Advertising in metro Moscow
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Boards on escalator vaults in Moscow subway

Advertising on escalators in Moscow subway is carried outon boards, located on vaults along escalators. Boards have horizontal position with size 1,8×1,2 m. which is the most successful formats both for image advertising and informational advertising carriers. Boards are located on both sides: during descent and ascent escalator. This type of advertising is a point, and therefore the most effective, because you can place advertising territorially where you need the most.

Cost of standard advertising on boards

Attention! Prices were introduced from 01.01.2021 and include VAT (20%)

Board size (m) Cost of 1 place per month*, Rubles, incl. 20% VAT
1st group stations 2nd group stations
1,8×1,2 down 100 000
up 80 000
down 80 000
up 60 000
  • For posing advertising place the price increases 1,15 times.
  • Minimal period of advertising campaign is one calendary month.
1st group stations Transfer stations of Kolcevaya line and nearest ones, also: Aviamotornaja, Alekseevskaja, Baumanskaja, VDNH, Dmitrovskaja, Mezhdunarodnaja, Petrovsko-Razumovskaja, Rizhskaja, Savelovskaja, Semenovskaja, Timirjazevskaja, Universitet, Frunzenskaja, Shabalovskaja.
2-nd group stations Dinamo, Dostoevskaya, Krestyanskaya zastava, Marina roshcha, Park pobedy, Rimskaja, Sportivnaja, Novokuzneckaya.

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