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Information pointers

This type of advertising is designed to guide the outgoing passengers from the subway station (information about direction of motion and the name of advertising object) and represent the information pointer of direction, divided into several blocks.


The pointer material is VC plastic thickness of 1-3mm. Caption - film applica-tion. Background color – white, lettering - black.

Advertising blocks can be of two sizes: 750×50 mm и 500×50 mm depending on pointer location (horizontal or vertical). The specific number of pointers on the stations and their locations are determined by experts at the request of Customer in each case. *

Cost of advertising on information pointers per month

This price list is valid from September 1, 2023.
All prices are inclusive of VAT (20%)
Placement stations Quantity, pcs. Cost for 12 months, rub.
Teplyj Stan, YUgo-Zapadnaya, Prazhskaya, Kuz'minki, Rechnoj vokzal, Kitaj Gorod, Vodnyj Stadion, Pushkinskaya, Molodezhnaya, Kashirskaya, Botanicheskij Sad, Tekhnopark 1-3 125 459
4-7 246 487
  • The price is indicated for accommodation for 12 months at 1 Metro station for a chain of navigation panels.
  • The price is shown without production.