Advertising in metro Moscow
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Sticker 38х80 cm, wall between windows and doors row

Large format 1 sided sticker (38х80 мм). Situated on wall between window and door on an eye level of standing passengers.

It is well observed by standing near or sitting in front passengers. This format is well suited for picture and text information. It is commonly in use for brand promotion, image and informative campaigns with large text part in advertising.

Layout stickers 38х80


The cost of advertising

Attention! Prices were introduced from 01.01.2021 and include VAT (20%)

Linies of subway / Passenger traffic Quantity in the package The cost of advertising campaign per month, rub.
26 269 590
18 126 828
22 282 612
44 565 224
18 556 659
15 226 695
30 453 390
60 906 780

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