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Audio commercials in the Moscow subway

Audio commercials

Audio commercials in metro is one of the most effective and quick means of product promotion.It affects the audience accurately and directly, and reaches all your goals, since it sounds in the time when passengers are most susceptible to audio information.

Another advantage of audio advertising in the subway is huge coverage. In rush-hour audio ads can be heard by more than 20,000 passengers simultaneouly, most of whom will remember the name of the advertised service, product, company or slogan.


Of course, audio advertising in the Moscow metro is a unique opportunity to reach your target audience, because the subway is used by almost everyone, including students, businessmen and tourists. Want to find new customers, or remind about yourself to current clients? Order your radio advertising in Moscow subway!

Prices for audio advertisements in subway

Attention! Prices were introduced from 01.01.2020 and include VAT (20%)

Audio clip length 1 play in: Clip production cost
prime time * regular time *
15 sec. 579 rub. 405 rub. 4 500 rub.
30 sec. 1 157 rub. 810 rub.
  • The actual price of the order is contractual and depends on the amount of broadcasting, inflation and social. the importance of advertising
  • Advertising will be performed simultaneously on 167 stations, cash halls, on escalators and in the transitions of Moscow metro in working hours
  • Minimum order is 30 broadcasts
  • The maximum number of words in the commercial: 15 sec. - 22 words; for 30 sec- 45 words
  • * Broadcasting:
    days prime time regular time
    weekdays 7:00-20:30 6:00-6:55; 20:35-24:00
    weekends and holidays 9:30-20:30 6:00-9:25; 20:35-24:00

Subway stations without audio advertisements:

Attention! Considering the peculiarities of the transport companies, we do not place advertising of medicines, nutritional supplements, political, religious propaganda and information advertisements. It is not allowed to place messages with the words and expressions that have semantic overtones, as well as information that may be rebutted by the competent authorities. Due to technological peculiarities of the audio systems in subways, it can be periodically disabled on some of its stations throughout the day, while the broadcasting is carried out centrally on the whole territory through a central communications center.

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