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Advertisement in subway

Our company provides a unique system of advertisement distribution in subways and nearby urban or city environments in the Moscow area. Our professional experience has found advertisements in subways clearly attract a wider audience, thus making it a perfect tool for your advertising campaign.

Additional information

Subway advertising is in high demand in Moscow and globally, which is no surprise. The audience and potential customer base exposed to subway marketing is no less wide than that of outdoor ads or television commercials, but placing advertisement in a subway system like Moscow's is less costly.

Due to a high variety of advertising possibilities in the Moscow subway system, including light panels, stickers, signs, flags over turnstiles etc., then distributing your advertisement in the subway increases the efficiency of your advertising campaign by a potential continuity or repetition of your marketing brand, image or message to potential or existing customers. You can carry out an image campaign that would appeal to the whole urban community as well as to the passengers of a particular subway station, city district or population demographic that uses a particular train line.

Attracting possibilities of subway advertising while carrying out an advertising campaign may dramatically increase its efficiency. You can carry out an image campaign, brand promotion or just share any news with millions of potential customers — all by means of this marketing method.

This site will guide you through the advertising possibilities of our unique brand of Moscow subway advertising, and our employees will happy to develop and introduce an effective and efficient advertising campaign promoting your merchandise.

Information on Moscow subway: News, statistics, economics, services, schedules, jobs on the official site of Moscow subway.