Advertising in metro Moscow
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Sticker 50х12 cm, on the panel

Our company place advertising on any small format media in subway cars, including stickers 50 × 12 cm, located on the panel of cars. We prepare the design of the layout, as well as make whole advertising process. Our specialists can carry out promotion campaigns for any goods, services, brands and events.

Stickers 50 × 12 cm are usually located above the windows of the cars. This zone is appropriate for the placement of such advertising format. Most people, who regularly use the services of the metro, expect to see promotional materials here.


They look through and study them from time to time. In addition, stickers 50 to 12 are small format media, which makes them available to most advertisers because of their low cost. By placing ads in this format, you can be sure that it will work for your business.

Layout stickers 50х12 cm in trains


The cost of advertising

Attention! Prices were introduced from 01.01.2020 and include VAT (20%)

Linies of subway quantity in the package The cost of advertising campaign per month, rub.
29 030 303
55 195 800
110 391 600
220 783 200
28 634 526
17 60 520
34 121 040
68 242 080

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