Advertising in metro Moscow
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Advertising in WI-FI network in Moscow subway trains

Advertising in free network WI-FI, provided to passengers in Moscow subway trains on all 12 lines is a unique way of supplying advertising content which allow to be sure, that will see your advertising.

  • Format Branding of the page of authorization
    The page of authorization on the Wi-fi MosMetro Free network

  • Format Pre-session fullscreen
    Display of a presessional full-screen banner
    (advertizing at connection to wifi)

  • Redirected to portal
    Advertising format:
    Top on portal - Graphic banner on top part of the portal
    Banner 300 × 250 - graphic banner in a middle part of a portal on "-the second screen"
    AdButton - the floating button which is posted over content on the website

  • Showing intersessional full screen banner

Example from

9 out of 10 subway passengers has mobile device with access to internet. This is an active adult solvent audience, which is staying in subway more than 1 hour and has no opportunity to distract by anything else.

Advertising in WI-FI network is impossible to disable, scroll or block. It is showed to all the passengers who have decided to use free internet.

Besides, advertising in WI-FI network, unlike other types of advertising in subway, is easily targeting (it is possible targeting of the station, branch, mobile devices, mobile operators, time, age and sex, and even the weather conditions).

And one more advantage is advertising “without waste” since its location does not require paper, glue and other consumables.

  • The cost
  • Possibilities of targeting
  • Presentation

Advertizing cost in the Wi-fi network

Attention! Prices were introduced from 01.01.2021

Banner format The cost is over 1000 displays (in rub)
Banners (can be placed in an interactive format)
Full-screen video banner 2
  • Video banner with the duration of the show till 20 seconds
  • Before download the portal, after login page

Full-screen horizontal video banner: 1136х640
Full-screen vertical video banner: 768х1181

1 000
Full-screen graphic banner
  • Graphic banner with a display duration of up to 10 seconds
  • Placed after the authorization page in Wi-Fi networks

Smartphones and tablets, portrait orientation: 640×960
Smartphones and tablets, landscape orientation: 960×576

1 000
The top graphic banner
  • Banner placed at the top of the site,

Smartphones: 640×200, 640×500, 600×500
Tablets: 2000×240


Margins for advertising to a Wi-Fi network

Geotargeting - lines Control of geography of displays on lines of Moscow Metro 30%
Geotargeting - stations Setting geography at Moscow metro stations (at least 3 nearby stations) 50%
Restriction of frequency of displays Setup of frequency of shows of the advertizing message to one unique user <= 4 in a week 30%
Demographic targeting - a gender or age Setup of displays of the advertizing message for users for whom demographic characteristics are defined: gender or age 30%
Demographic targeting - a gender and age Setup of displays of the advertizing message for users for whom demographic characteristics are defined: gender and age 50%
Interactive format Placement of the advertising message in an interactive format 30%
Targeting by operating systems Setup of shows of the advertising message to users of the iOS or Android operating systems 30%
Targeting by mobile operators Setup of shows of the advertising message to users, being subscribers of specific mobile network operator 30%
Targeting by laptops Setup of shows of the advertising message for users of tablet computers 30%
Targeting by time of day Setup of shows of the advertising message depending on time of day 40%
Targeting by weather conditions Setup of shows of the advertising message depending on weather conditions 50%
- Download the presentation (15 Мб, pdf)

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